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In December 2015, a comprehensive surface transportation bill (FAST Act) became law. Included in the bill was the creation of a new “Port Performance Freight Statistics Program.”

The intent of this program is to collect information from the top 25 ports in the U.S. in the hopes that such information can assist the Department of Transportation in tracking the flow of goods and identifying potential issues that could lead to congestion and slowdown at U.S. ports. The law created a working group that would develop recommendations to Congress on the specifics of how the data will be collected. The working group is mandated to include a representative from the terminal operator industry.

NAWE Position

NAWE remains concerned as to the specifics of the data that will be collected, and how and when it will be collected. Budgetary concerns remain for the office within DOT that will be tasked with overseeing the collection by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Most importantly, the working group has yet to include a representative whose sole interest is as a terminal operator and NAWE continues to push DOT and congressional leadership to remedy this.