The safety of the terminal operator's workforce is a top priority. Employers' goal is for everyone to return home at the end of each day to one's family as healthy as when the employee arrived. Yet, terminal operations require the movement of heavy loads. Many commercial partners visit the terminal and participate in operations during a given day, compounding the safety challenge. Innovations such as various safety interlocks can prevent unintended moves and improves safety.

Federal safety policies also contribute to the safe workplace. Such regulations are vast and varied and touch upon numerous issues in regard to worker safety, both in the short term and the long term.

NAWE Position

NAWE supports strong safety policies as long as they work to actually protect port workers. Policies without a clear purpose can cause more harm than good. NAWE seeks safety policies that reflect the complexity of members' operations and insure that workers are protected.

Current Regulatory Efforts to use Electronic Reporting and discourage safety incentives and post accident drug testing programs do not reflect a proper foundation and should be held in abeyance and reviewed by the new Administration.