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December 17

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: See the announcements of NLRB action over this last week.

2 years ago

July 12

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: The USCG has published a draft NVIC 05-17 providing cyber security guidance and requests comments on or before September 11, 2017. The Fed Register publication can be found at And the adraft NVIC at

3 years ago

March 10

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: See remarks of John McLaurin of the PMSA at TPM 2017. In them he discusses the environmental regulatory agenda as it impacts marine terminal operations.

3 years ago

March 02

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: See this note about the Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) and its role with multi-employer pension plans. https://content.govdelivery....

3 years ago

January 30

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: Khouri has been named Acting Chairman of the FMC by the President, NAWE looks forward to working with him:

3 years ago

December 15

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: NAWE supports "the [House Committee on Education and the Workforce's] efforts to protect access to affordable retirement advice and modernize the multiemployer pension system are all part of an ongoing commitment to help working families retire with financial security and peace of mind. " See,

3 years ago

December 07

Megan Mortimer @NAWE Online Community: John Crowley quoted in Journal of Commerce article, "US shipper, trucker petition could trigger detention and demurrage relief."

3 years ago

August 23

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: DOT/BTS has announced the next two Working Group meetings of the congressionally directed effort to arrive at performance statistics. The meetings will be held on September 23 and October 21. (How can we expect workable no less meaningful performance metrics without the participation of a congressionally sought marine terminal operator?)

3 years ago

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: TSA issued a news release explaining how they support the USCG in a maritime security role.

3 years ago

August 15

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: NAWE has received notice from the FMC on its proposed rule governing Marine Terminal Operators' filing of Terminal Services Agreements.

3 years ago

August 03

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) issued a news release launching an automated system for the filing of marine terminal operator (MTO) agreements. See,

3 years ago

July 29

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: See yesterday's continued JOC coverage of the DOT/BTS Working Group on Port Performance. Comment: NAWE has sought representation of port operators on the working group.

3 years ago

July 22

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: The FMC has announced that a proposed rule in part governing Terminal Agreements will be announced following public comments on Docket No. 16-04. See:

4 years ago

July 18

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: The FMC will hold a Sunshine Meeting on July 20th. The meeting will include coverage of the Supply Chain Innovation Teams and the Proposed Rule on Ocean Common Carrier and MTO Agreements.

4 years ago

June 24

John Crowley @NAWE Online Community: See Journal of Commerce piece on yesterday's media release.

4 years ago