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Our Vision

  • To be a compelling voice for port operator industries
  • To promote marine cargo efficiency, security and safety, a clean environment, international trade, and economic growth and do so through advocacy, education, and industry cooperation

Our Priorities

Economic Vitality for the Industry and the Nation
Identify and advocate for the sound economic policies that promote marine freight commerce and pursue them in collaboration with other freight interests.

Sustainable Port Operations
Develop NAWE recommended air emissions and storm water runoff policies and advocate those more practical and effective alternatives to public officials.

Efficient and Effective Operations
Preserve Shipping Act authorities and market forces in addressing Port Congestion.

Develop measures and maintain security of the maritime critical infrastructure consistent with U.S. mandates.

  • Identify authorized persons on facilities through TWIC readers.
  • Scan cargo utilizing innovative CBP servies.
  • Maintain IT security to protect critical infrastructure from leading to maritime security incidents.
  • Provide certified FSO training to ensure and enhance oversight of facility security procedures.

Updated Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act provisions providing fair and affordable worker compensation.

Reform multi-employer pension protection.

We're Stronger Together

Communities protect local social and economic interests.

Federal Agencies develop policies which get their job done.

Legislators write laws to support local communities and give direction to Federal Agencies.

Industry must advocate for the freedom to operate efficiently and effectively because no on else will. Industry is best heard if its voice is thoughtful, consistent, and strong. This is NAWE's mission.

At times the port industry has been slow to respond to legislation and policies. NAWE can be the voice you didn't have before. With your investment NAWE can shape the narrative with a consistent and strong position as policies are being formulated and give you the tools to engage with the community, elected officials, and the regulators.

What's New at NAWE?

Modern Business Model

  • Goal-oriented staff and consultant support.
  • Flexible budgeting of revenue and expenses.
  • Increased focus on Federal Agency policy development.
  • Leveraged Business Coalitions to increase impact on policy development.

On-Line Community

  • Use effective modern collaborative communication capability.
  • Disseminate information to Communities, Agencies, and Congress.

Membership Benefits

  • Receive current and relevant public policy analysis.
  • Shape NAWE policy positions with your investment.
  • Have an on-site industry voice where policy decisions are made
  • Benefit from decisions which serve the interests of Port Operators.